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Client Services Model

Employee Benefits

Compensation Programs

Staffing Services Employee Relations

Medical Plans

Dental Plans

Base Pay

Deferred Compensation

On-Site Contract Recruiters

Interim HR Management

Employee Handbooks

Procedural Supplement

Life Insurance

Sales Commission Plans

Profit Sharing Plans

Bonus Plans

Executive Search

Key Employment Search

Employee Communications and Orientation Programs

Long-Term Disability

Long Term Care

Stock Option Plans

Employee Stock Purchase Plans

Evergreen Plans

Payroll for Consultants in Any Profession

Human Resources Functional Assessment

Problem Resolution

401(k) Plans

Flex. 125 Plans

Custom Surveys

Survey Analysis

Grade Structures

General Recruiting

Recruitment Training

Affirmation Action Plans

Injury & Illness Prevention Plans

Government Audit Management

Vision Care Plans

Performance Appraisal Systems

Planning & Sizing Workforce

On-Site HR Management