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Training Programs

Assets Unlimited, Inc. customizes training programs for each client. While training programs should include general information in each area, we know that companies often need to emphasize certain issues that present problems or challenges in their particular work environment.

Sample of Available Training Programs:

Harassment in the Workplace – The law provides protection in many cases for employers who have established procedures for properly handling harassment claims, IF the procedures are communicated to employees. Protect your employees and your company by holding training sessions once a year. Separate sessions for management and employees.

Developing Star Performers – Managers learn to write and present effective performance reviews, and how to deal with performance problems outside the review process.

Employee Discipline – Proper procedures and documentation to ensure effective, legally compliant disciplinary processes.

Managing Within the Law – An overview of the hot legal issues faced by managers in the workplace, with an emphasis on those areas affecting their day-to-day management responsibilities.