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Executive Profiles

William J. Metzger (President)

A senior-level Human Resources Management Consultant who has both supported the development of H.R. programs at major corporations and assisted emerging companies in the design and installation of new H.R. departments.

Employed by the Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation as the Corporate HR. Manager and Director of Compensation and Benefits worldwide. At this time, the company had over 35,000 employees in 19 countries throughout the world. Provided leadership to all employees and vendors who supported these functions. Pension assets at this time exceeded over $100M. In 1987 Fairchild was acquired by the National Semiconductor Company.

Employed in 1987 by the Cypress Semiconductor Corporation. As Vice President of Human Resources, developed new H.R. programs, initiated new employee benefits and installed the first Human Resources function for this company.

In 1990, founded Assets Unlimited, Inc., a Human Resources management consulting company that provides a wide range of services to both large and small firms. AUI continues to grow rapidly in the San Francisco Bay area and now has strategic alliances in both New York and Austin.

Education includes an MBA degree majoring in Operations Research from the New York Institute of Technology, a BSBA degree in Personnel Management from Dowling College and a certification in Personnel Management from Cornell University. Teaching activities include various H.R. courses at the University of Santa Cruz, Mission College and seminars for clients throughout the United States.